Strathspey Wildlife  
Africa 2006
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Tuesday 7th February 2006

Not many people slept comfortably last night, as the weather was very hot and humid. After an early breakfast at 7am, we were back on the road by 8, glad to be getting a bit of a breeze blowing through the Land Cruisers. We were off to Morogoro and Mikumi Wildlife Park for a game drive. We encountered some congestion on route when we came across a group of Masai moving their cattle down the road. On entering the park we encountered giraffe, buffalo, zebra numerous new birds, and a herd of elephants, again, very protective of the youngster in their midst. Ahead of us, one of the other Land Cruisers had come to a halt, and all were on their feet peering into the distance. It transpired that "Faz" had spotted a lion in the bush.  How he spotted this I don't know. It was only when we followed, going "off-road" we spotted her, lying in the shade of a bush. She was clearly agitated by our presence, so we didn't linger too long. As we moved back to the track, she emerged, looking towards us. Full marks to "Faz" for spotting her.


We made our way to a hilltop banda for lunch, before continuing on to our stop for the night  at the Oasis Hotel. Here we had the luxury of air-conditioning, and a swimming pool. We enjoyed a "Kili" or two at the poolside, whilst watching some electric storms in the nearby mountains, and had a heavy shower.  We had a lovely meal that evening - and a couple of more "Kilis"  I took the opportunity here of sending off an e-mail to folks and friends back home. On completion I hit the "send" button, which seemingly had the effect of shutting down all the power to the hotel! On resumption, I checked and cursed to find that the e-mail had not gone - so I had to re-write it and send it once again - successfully this time. As we were now heading towards the end of our holiday, there was a sense of anticipation amongst us as we had our daily evening briefing from Lucy - with a much-anticipated  trip to The Selous and The Rufiji River Camp to come the following day. Little did we know of the excitement that was to later unfold !!