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Africa 2006
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Friday 10th February 2006

We had learnt that our visits by the elephants a couple of nights ago was not an uncommon occurrence. So it was with some sense of anticipation that we had all gone to bed last night. Sad to say though - that we had to content ourselves with a visiting hippo. Only a couple of yards from the tent - but it all seemed so TAME !!!Our holiday was rapidly coming to a close. Today we had a long drive back to our hotel in Dar es Salaam. It was a drive of around six and a half hours - with a picnic lunch on route, before we were stepping once again into the familiar surroundings of The Holiday Inn. Once again we were welcomed with a glass of iced fruit juice, before being shown to the welcome cool of our air-conditioned rooms. After a much-needed wash and brush-up we assembled for our final meal together. It all made a memorable day for this our 33rd. wedding anniversary and treated ourselves to a bottle of wine.

The menu offered a varied range of choices - I elected a T-bone steak - whilst Nancy chose a "lamb shank."  Lamb shank in inverted commas - this was more like a lamb joint. Nancy was unable to finish it - in fact - two of our fellow travellers had a dig at it - and still there was some left !! We had a whip-round for Lucy - and presented her "tip" to her. Our trip had - mostly - gone without a hitch, and we were fully appreciative of her efforts during our two weeks with her. Our driver-guides too had been presented with their "tips." This "tip" considerably increases their income. They are not particularly well-paid in our eyes - whilst suitable work is not always available. Nobody could deny the efforts they had made and they were the ones behind the wheel for long periods of time and trying to spot the wildlife at the same time. It was time for our group to go their different ways. For 9 of the group  there was more to come - with a further week on the "spice island" of Zanzibar. As they were set for a 6am reveille we exchanged our goodbyes with them.
For Ron - a trip to Mount Kenya, and a planned visit to a rhino conservation centre, of which he had been a sponsor. For Gene and Gail - back to Canada - and for the remainder of us - back to UK. We reflected on what had been a terrific holiday - Good food (most of the time) good company, good weather  - and great support staff.